2018 Joint Cruise 1-2
Macrofauna taxonomy
Box core
Person of interest
Raphaelle Descoteaux
University of Tromsø
Poor quality core. Less than 5cm deep sediment, disturbed, no surface water.
2018-11-05T09:51:06Z: Initial read in of the log files.
2018-11-05T16:10:23Z: Rewriting wrongly inherited fields
2018-11-07T12:40:52Z: Updated station names
2018-11-07T12:53:26Z: Updated station names
2019-05-02T13:11:04Z: Moved sampletype to recordNumber and set sampletype to Macrofauna taxonomy
2021-08-12T12:31:02Z: Standardising PI email and institutions
fixative: Ethanol 96%
fieldNotes: Sieved remaining sediments over 250 µm sieve after other samples taken.
storageTemp: Cool room
recordNumber: Juveniles sieved 250um