SIOS Core Data

Why Core Data?

Define, highlight, and ensure continuous availability of data that are essential for answering the Earth System Science questions defined in the SIOS infrastructure optimization and SESS reports.

The core data definition process promotes compliance with FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management and stewardship for key datasets.

  • SIOS Core Data are Earth System Science data for Svalbard that fulfil the defined criteria of scientific requirements, data availability and collecting commitment.
  • SIOS Core Data Candidates are data that fulfil these criteria, but are not yet available online.
Criteria for SIOS Core Data

The criteria for SIOS Core Data were defined by the Science Optimisation Advisory Group and an associated task force.The criteria are based on standards of scientific excellence in the Earth System Science, in the SIOS 'legal' framework and the SIOS Data Policy.

Scientific requirements

SIOS core data are essential in answering the Earth System Science questions defined in the SIOS infrastructure optimisation report, and further update in SESS reports.

Data availability

SIOS core data should be available through the SIOS Data Management System (SDMS). SIOS core data candidates should be available as soon as possible and at latest one year after data collection. 

Collecting commitment

For SIOS core data there should be a more than 5-year commitment from the providing institute to maintain the measurement and to make the data available through SDMS.


SIOS Core Data Categories

The first set of SIOS core data has been identified by the Science Optimisation Advisory Group, the Research Infrastructure Coordination Committee, and additonal scientific experts.