SIOS Members
SIOS is a consortium of international research institutions and research funding agencies that own or operate research facilities in the Svalbard region, or that provide research data relevant for the consortium. The members own their research infrastructure and data sets and give access to certain infrastructure and data to other SIOS members. The cooperation is based upon non-legally binding statutes and a MoU.

The General Assembly
The General Assembly (GA) is the ultimate authority of SIOS, and consists of the consortium members and observers. It is responsible for the overall direction and supervision of SIOS. The General Assembly appoints the Board of Directors and may establish advisory boards and committees.

The SIOS Board of Directors
The Board of Directors (BoD) is appointed by the General Assembly. The Chair is an employee of a Norwegian member institution. The Board of Directors is responsible for the operation of SIOS in accordance with the directions and decisions given by the General Assembly.

The SIOS Director
The SIOS Director is appointed by the General Assembly on the proposal from the Board of Directors and carries out the day-to-day management of SIOS. The SIOS director is head of the SIOS Knowledge Centre and the SIOS administration. The SIOS director is also the director of the public limited company 'SIOS Svalbard AS'.

The SIOS administration
The operations of the consortium are handled by by the Director and the staff at the SIOS Knowledge Centre. The staff operates the Knowledge Centre, supports the governing bodies of the SIOS Consortium and provides services to the members.

Knowledge Centre
The Knowledge Centre (SIOS-KC) is the hub of the SIOS cooperation and coordinates services for the international research community.

SIOS Svalbard AS
On 20 December 2016, the public limited company 'SIOS Svalbard AS' was established as the legal body of SIOS in its operational phase. It is owned by the University Centre in Svalbard and serves as vehicle for SIOS to enter into contracts necessary for running the consortium, e.g. the employment of staff for the SIOS Knowledge Centre.