The SIOS Consortium

This is an overview of the location of all SIOS consortium members and observer active now.

SIOS is a distributed research infrastructure organised as consortium. The consortium consists of member institutions and its cooperation is based upon non-legally binding statutes and a MoU. It coordinates, develops and optimises research infrastructure owned by the member institutions. Research institutions and research funding agencies that own or operate research facilities in the Svalbard region or who provide research data relevant for the Consortium may become members.

On 26 January 2018, 11 institutions (10 founding members and 1 observer) initiated the operational phase of SIOS. In addition, 13 new institutions became members on the same day, and one institution joined as observer at a later stage. Thus the current number of SIOS partners amounts to 25 institutions from 10 countries. Their common goal is to establish a cooperating and transparent research infrastructure which will give better estimates of the future environmental and climate changes in the Arctic.

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