SIOS Logistical Services

SIOS-KC provides logistical support through information, coordination and facilitation of access to existing services in Svalbard.

The aim of SIOS logistical services is to

  • Provide logistic advice to assist in the planning of SIOS-labelled projects/campaigns
    • Contribute to internal evaluation of logistical feasibility and contact with main logistic providers in the early phases of the planning
    • Provide logistical advice and information on relevant Norwegian regulations
  • Contribute to contact with and support from logistic providers
    • during planning/constructing budgets
    • during the field campaign
  • Identify overall logistical needs in SIOS projects (on an ongoing basis)
  • Facilitate safety courses for scientists participating in SIOS-labelled projects/campaigns

For general information about environmental regulations and logistical support in Svalbard, please visit the web portals of The Governor of Svalbard and Svalbard Science Forum.