Nansen Legacy Darwin Core Event Core and Extensions Generator

This is a tool that can be used to create an Event Core, Occurrence Extension and part of a extendedMeasurementOrFact Extension for a Darwin Core Archive as separate sheets in an XLSX file. Metadata are taken from the metadata catalogue hosted on the SIOS webpage

Demonstration Video

A 5 minute demonstration video on how to use this tool can be found here:


  1. Create or find a file that includes an Event ID column, and one record per row. One row should represent one specimen or a group of specimens of the same species sampled in the same sampling event.
    These samples should have the sampling activity (or Niskin bottle, ice core...) listed as the parent event, though this does not need to be included in the file.
    Do not include the eventids of subsamples, sampling activities, Niskin bottles, ice cores.

  2. Upload and submit your file filling in the form below.

  3. Download and open the XLSX file that should have been created and read the README sheet first.

  4. Check and correct the contents of the other sheets. Notify if you spot anything that has been logged incorrectly in the metadata catalogue.

  5. Add any missing measurements you have taken based on your sample in the MeasurementOrFact extension sheet.

  6. Export each sheet to separate CSV files - GBIF's Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) doesn't like XLSX files

  7. Contact who can help you convert this to a Darwin Core Archive using their IPT. Do not publish this with GBIF straight away. Instead, publish the file privately so only you can see it. Then, download the Darwin Core Archive and publish it with a data centre that contributes to SIOS

  8. Contact GBIF again and ask to publish your Darwin Core Archive with them using the same DOI.

Create file:

Select file (xls, xlsx, csv or tsv)

Sheet name (if applicable):

Row number of column headers:

Row number of first row that contains data:

This could take up to a minute to run.

Contact if you have any problems.

Video: Darwin Core Archives and how to create them
Manual: Step by step guide on how to publish FAIR Nansen Legacy datasets