2018 Joint Cruise 1-2
Mesozooplankton metagenomics
Nansen Legacy sampling protocol Version 1
WP2 180 um
Person of interest
Camilla Svensen
University of Tromsø
2018-11-05T09:48:26Z: Initial read in of the log files.
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2018-11-07T12:40:50Z: Updated station names
2018-11-07T12:53:24Z: Updated station names
2019-05-02T13:16:59Z: Changed sampletype from Mesozooplankton genetics to Mesozooplankton metagenomics
2019-05-13T13:34:58Z: Added 180 um to geartype
2021-08-12T08:50:11Z: Standardising PI email and institutions
recordNumber: WP2180_10.08.18
maximumDepthInMeters: 180
minimumDepthInMeters: 0
Title Event date Station Sample depth (m) Bottom depth (m) Gear Type Bottle number PI Name PI Institution
Mesozooplankton abundance, biomass and taxonomic diversity P2 (NLEG04) 189.00 WP2 180 um Camilla Svensen University of Tromsø