2021 Winter Process Cruise
Slocum Deployment Worksheet, SLO2, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen Slocum Recovery Worksheet, SLO5, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen Quality control procedures from the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) data processing toolbox (Troupin et al., 2015) C. Troupin, J.P. Beltran, E. Heslop, M. Torner, B. Garau, J. Allen, S. Ruiz, J. Tintoré, A toolbox for glider data processing and management, Methods in Oceanography, 13–14, 13-23, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mio.2016.01.001, 2015.
Person of interest
Ilker Fer
University of Bergen
Glider Odin
2021-03-03T08:29:33Z: Initial read in of the log files.
2021-03-03T09:43:02Z: Updating hanging parents
2021-03-09T08:02:12Z: Updated name of ice station
2021-04-29T08:52:00Z: Station names updated to match cruise report
2021-04-30T08:23:11Z: Updated station names
2021-08-12T09:18:33Z: Standardising PI email and institutions
statID: 6
end_date: 2021-02-26 00:00:00
end_time: 03:09:44
start_date: 2021-02-12 00:00:00
vesselName: Kronprins Haakon
description: Glider deployment and recovery
endDecimalLatitude: 76.62949205
endDecimalLongitude: 33.9296506