2019 Seasonal Study Q3
Niskin Bottle
Nansen Legacy Sampling Protocols v4 July 12 2019; 6.2 CTD; One salinity sample
CTD w/bottles
Person of interest
Marit Reigstad
University of Tromsø
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statID: 175
maximumDepthInMeters: 219
minimumDepthInMeters: 0
Q3_2019706_NiskinOverview20190825_OK_Miriam _correct_depths.xlsx
Title Event date Station Sample depth (m) Bottom depth (m) Gear Type Bottle number PI Name PI Institution
Ocean acidification effects on marine calcifiers-carbonate chemistry, relative and absolute abundances of foraminifera, pteropopds and coccolitophores and their contribution to the carbonate pump/budget. NLEG14 200.39 219.56 CTD w/bottles 2 Melissa Chierici, Agneta Fransson Institute of Marine Research, Norwegian Polar Institute