2018 Joint Cruise 1-2
Meiofauna taxonomy
Nansen Legacy Sampling Protocol V1 Section 11.4.3
Box core
Person of interest
Elisabeth Alve
University of Oslo
Good quality core! Surface water and deep sediment with mostly undisturbed surface.
2018-11-05T09:51:06Z: Initial read in of the log files.
2018-11-05T16:10:23Z: Rewriting wrongly inherited fields
2018-11-07T12:40:52Z: Updated station names
2018-11-07T12:53:26Z: Updated station names
2018-12-03T14:49:56Z: Sample type standardised
2018-12-04T13:25:21Z: Added taxonomy to sample type
2021-08-12T07:20:36Z: Standardising PI names
2021-08-12T08:53:14Z: Standardising PI email and institutions
fixative: Ethanol 96% with Rose Bengal
fieldNotes: Used 5.5cm diameter subcore inserted in box core. No Gemini corer available on this cruise.
storageTemp: Cool room
recordNumber: Meiofauna 1-2cm