2018 Joint Cruise 1-2
Primary Production (14C-CO2)
Nansen Legacy sampling protocols version 2 section 8.22 and 8.23
Box core
Person of interest
Tobias Vonnahme
University of Tromsø
dry weight B, Sediment
2018-11-05T09:46:45Z: Initial read in of the log files.
2018-11-05T13:06:40Z: Added missing gear cast and updated protocol
2018-11-05T16:09:54Z: Rewriting wrongly inherited fields
2018-11-07T12:52:37Z: Updated station names
2018-12-03T10:51:41Z: Correcting sample depths
2018-12-03T15:47:47Z: Sample type standardised
2019-05-27T10:54:21Z: Changed sampletype from Sediment to Primary Production (14C-CO2) and moved Sediment to remarks
2021-08-12T12:42:07Z: Standardising PI email and institutions
statID: SICE-2018-3-bc1
fixative: Formaldehyde
storageTemp: Cool room
recordNumber: 90