2018 Joint Cruise 1-2
Macrozooplankton taxonomy
Nansen Legacy sampling protocols version 1
Macroplankton trawl
Person of interest
Espen Bagøien
Institute of Marine Research
V-Haul - predetermined location - not on acoustic registration
2018-11-05T09:46:59Z: Initial read in of the log files.
2018-11-05T16:10:00Z: Rewriting wrongly inherited fields
2018-11-07T12:52:42Z: Updated station names
2018-12-04T12:09:14Z: Changed gear type
2019-04-30T13:22:01Z: Changed sampleType from Biological to Macrozooplankton taxonomy
2021-08-12T08:58:43Z: Standardising PI email and institutions
Taxon: Jellies - small
end_time: 17:38:00
fixative: Ethanol
fieldNotes: Quantitative subsample
storageTemp: Room temp
maximumDepthInMeters: 300
minimumDepthInMeters: 0
AeN_JC1_2_2018707_Macroplanktontrawl and MIK_samplinglog_Espen Bagoien v10 22_aug_2018.xlsx