Research infrastructure access projects in 2019

The second call for access to SIOS infrastructure opened 3rd July 2018 and closed 15th September 2018 (SIOS access call 2018). There were 10 applicants to the call, which is the same number as for the first (pilot) call. After the scientific evaluation and feasibility assessment it was decided that SIOS could support all 10 projects.

The projects cover a range of topics, from space physics to POPs (Persistant Organic Pollutants) in snow. New for this year is also a project requesting access to data, rather than physical access to RI.

The PI for each project was asked to attend SIOS Polar Night Week to present their plans, either in the form of an oral presentation or as a poster. Click on the title of each project in table 1 below to view the slides for each presentation.

The final approved list of participants in the access programme 2019 is shown in table 1 below. The projects will all conduct fieldwork in 2019 and must submit a short update on their project to SIOS by 1 October 2019. Click on the links in the column "project update" below to read the field reports.

Table 1: Accepted projects from the access call 2018

Project title PI Institution Facility visited Allocated funding (NOK) Project update
GNSS TEC and Scintillation monitoring under the Cusp (GENIUS) L Spogli National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Italy) Dirigible Italia (Ny-Ålesund), SOUSY radar (Adventdalen) 152 000 Report from the field
Snow, Weather, And Glacier Network for real-time observations (SWAGNet) C Borstad University Centre in Svalbard (Norway) Sverdrup (Ny-Ålesund) 355 350 Report from the field
Dual-frequency satellite beacon receiver for ionospheric monitoring in Bjørnøya (TomoBear) J Norberg Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland) Bjørnøya Meteorological Station 50 000 Project cancelled due to satellites going down
Energy Deposition in the Geomagnetic Cusp Alfvén Resonator (EDGAR) S Hatch University of Bergen (Norway) Kjell Henriksen Observatory (Breinosa) 66 000 Project report
Multi-scales study of plasma transportation around cusp region using joint-observations with GCI-Cusp Project (M-Scale of plasma transportation) Y Wang Shandong University at Weihai (China) All-sky imager - Yellow River Station (Ny-Ålesund), EISCAT Svalbard Radar (Breinosa) 93 320 Project cancelled
Black carbon measurements in the air and clouds at Zeppelin Observatory (AC/BC) R Modini Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) Zeppelin Observatory (Ny-Ålesund) 142 000 Report from the field
Validation of a satellite based Snow Cover Index for Svalbard (SvalSCE) M A Killie Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Norway) N/A (virtual access) 200 000 Project report
Biogenic Aerosol, oceanic Primary production and Nucleation Events in the Arctic (BioAPNEA) L Caiazzo University of Florence (Italy) Dirigible Italia & Gruvebadet (Ny-Ålesund) 213 000 Report from the field
Spatial VAriabiLity: VALidation dataset on POPs concentrations in snow (SVal-POPs) K Koziol Gdansk University of Technology (Poland) Dirigible Italia (Ny-Ålesund), Polish Polar Station (Hornsund) 135 100 Report from the field
Firn aquifer observations on Lomonosovfonna  Svalbard (Nbreen) W van Pelt Uppsala University (Sweden) Logistical support only (field camp) 70 000 Report from the field