Call for access to SIOS research infrastructure

The second call for access to SIOS research infrastructure is now open.

The application deadline is 15th September 2018 at 16:00 CEST.

For full details of the call, including eligibility criteria, refer to the call text and guidelines. The details of which facilities are offering access in this call are available in the box on the right.

Applications must be submitted online. Please find the application form in the box on the right.

Please note: You must register for an account with SIOS to submit an application. New accounts are approved by SIOS-KC during office hours (8:00-16:00 CEST Mon-Fri).

Did you know?

Many of the stations offering access in the SIOS Access Call are also members of the InterAct network. InterAct has an open call for Transnational Access (TA) between 13th August and 12th October 2018:

Svalbard Science Forum has an open call for the Arctic Field Grant between 20th August and 10th October 2018:

What is the difference between the calls?

While anyone may apply to the SIOS call, access will be prioritised to projects that fit into the overall prioritisation of SIOS and are linked to existing efforts to optimise the observing system.

InterAct TA has specific eligibility rules, meaning you can only access infrastructure operated by a country other than the one you normally work in, and on the provision that a similar infrastructure does not exist in your country. As this excludes most researchers from a country with infrastructure in Svalbard from applying for fieldwork in Svalbard, SIOS members are more likely to be eligible for access via the SIOS call.

The Arctic Field Grant is only open to those working at a Norwegian scientific institution or working in direct collaboration with one. Students and researchers who are not already established in Svalbard are prioritised.