Logistics Sharing Notice Board



How to add a request or offer

You must be logged in to your SIOS account to post an offer or a request for logistical support. Click here to log in or create a user account. If you encounter any problems please contact the Access and Logistics Officer (logistics@sios-svalbard.org).

Your fieldwork will appear on the notice board once approved by SIOS-KC. To view the status of your entries go to "My account" and click on the tab "My fieldwork entries".

When you are logged in to your account just

Project name RiS ID Offer Type Contact Fieldwork dates Location name
Test fieldwork 11222 Polar Bear Guard
Example 1
2020-05-04 to 2020-05-06
Test Fieldwork 2 11222 Berths or seats on vessel
Example 2
2020-07-19 to 2020-07-24
Fram Strait