Hydro-meteo condition of the Hornsund area 2020

    Point Location
    Route Location
    Fieldwork Details
    catchments of the Hornsund fjord region (Werenskioldbreen, Brateggbreen, Ariebreen, Fuglebekken)
    We have a request for de-installation and keep the hydrological and meteorological equipment safe and storage. Thanks to SIOS & UNIS and their excellent contribution and logistic & financial support there was possible to set up the hydrometric station at the beginning of the ablation season - June, 2020 (our monitoring is part of the national project (2019-2021) and we keen to keep the measurements). Now, the ongoing pandemic does not allow us to secure the equipment and download the data.
    Hydrometric and meteorological stations are located in the Hornsund region.

    De-installation concerns the following equipment:
    - SR-50 logger (at the Breelva gauging station)-UoS
    - logger with barometric compensation by BaroDiver (HOBO) (at the Breelva gauging station) - UoS
    - time-lapse cameras (at the Breelva gauging station & on the slopes of the Angellfjellet)- UoS
    - readout and deinstallation of two portable meteo stations – Gill Maximet (Bratteggdalen, Werenhus) and flowmeter Nivus PCM-F (Bratteggdalen) – UWr, UoS
    - readout and deinstallation of three portable meteo stations – Gill Maximet (Fuglebekken, Ariedalen, Revdalen) and two flowmeters Nivus PCM-F (Fuglebekken, Ariedalen) - IGF PAS
    All equipment should be deposited at the Polish Polar Station or Baranowski Station.
    We have the permission of the University of Wrocław (Poland) to use the Baranowski Station and fees for staying at the Station is already paid. We also have an emergency radio buoy, satellite phone etc.
    Preferably a person with experience in the indicated area.
    Checking an instrument
    Ela Lepkowska, Marzena Osuch, Krzysztof Migała
    elzbieta.majchrowska@us.edu.pl, marz@igf.edu.pl, krzysztof.migala@uwr.edu.pl
    University of Silesia - Centre for Polar Studies & Institute of Geophysics PAS, Warsaw & University of Wroclaw