Fieldwork Lomonosovfonna / Nordenskiöldbreen

    Route Location
    Fieldwork Details
    We are unfortunately not able to perform our annual monitoring of stake mass balance and servicing of a weather station on Nordenskiöldbreen. We therefore are looking for 2 or 3 persons that can 1) drill 8 mass balance stakes along the glacier's centerline, and 2) replace an automatic weather station module. Nordenskiöldbreen can be reached from Longyearbyen by snowmobile. We will of course provide all the necessary information about tracks and coordinates of the new stakes and AWS. Also, we will provide instructions on where to find the equipment (it is all in LYB) and how to install it. The work can probably be completed in less than two days depending on weather conditions. The field team could camp on the glacier or potentially stay in Pyramiden in case it is accessible via the fjord (Adolfbukta). The indicated dates above are flexible as long as the fieldwork is completed before serious melting limits snowmobile driving (i.e. preferably in April). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Veijo Pohjola
    Uppsala University