Fieldwork assistance in Ny-Ålesund during Covid-19 travel restrictions

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    Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and restrictions on traveling most fieldwork is cancelled or postponed in the near future. Available personnel in Ny-Ålesund can assist researchers who are unable to travel to Ny-Ålesund with fieldwork.
    All requests for assistance should be sent to and NPI will coordinate all requests and divide the work between the available personnel based on available resources and the nature of the work.
    Please include in your request information on location, time when the work preferably should be done, estimated time it will take, and a detailed description of the work.
    Please send us a request as early as possible if there is any work you need done. We hope we will be able to assist those who need it.
    There will be a cost for the work that will be determined after we receive the request based on the nature of the work and the time used.
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