SESS report 2023

The work on the 6th SESS report is ongoing and 6 chapters are currently being written:

  • Update of chapter 4 in SESS report 2020: Arctic haze in a climate changing world: the 2010-2020 trend
  • Update of chapter 1 in SESS report 2022: Seasonal asymmetries and long-term trends in atmospheric and ionospheric temperatures in polar regions and their dependence on solar activity
  • Update of chapter 8 in SESS report 2020: Satellite and modelling based snow season time series for Svalbard: Inter-comparisons and assessment of accuracy
  • Update of chapter 10 in SESS report 2020 (Terrestrial photography applications on snow cover in Svalbard) and chapter 3 in SESS report 2021 (Improving terrestrial photography applications on snow cover in Svalbard with satellite remote sensing imagery)
  • Update of chapter 11 in SESS report 2020: A multi-scale approach on snow cover observations and models
  • Update of chapter 5 in SESS report 2020: Microplastics in the realm of Svalbard: current knowledge and future perspective

Tentative timeline for SESS report 2023

  • 24 April 2023 - Invitation send to previous authors
  • 16 May - Deadline for submission of proposals
  • End of May - Decision on funding by the SIOS Board of Directors
  • 28 September - Submission deadline for contributions
  • 30 October - 14 November - Revision process
  • November/early December - Editorial process
  • 11 December - Final report for print
  • January 2024 - Release of the Sess report during Polar Night Week in Longyearbyen