SESS report 2024

We received 12 proposals for contributions to the SESS report 2024. All 12 proposals were approved. The SESS report 2024 will take you to a diversity of Earth system science themes:


  • Arctic Aerosol anthropogenic and natural sources in a Climate change scenario (AAA-Source) - Silvia Becagli et al.
  • The state of terrestrial invertebrate science in Svalbard and its potential role in understanding ecosystem complexity and response in a changing climate: upscaling from regional to pan-Arctic scales (InSECTs) – Stephen Coulson et al.
  • Surging glaciers in Svalbard: Current knowledge and perspectives for monitoring (SvalSurge) – Richard Hann et al.
  • Methane in Svalbard (SvalGaSess) – Andrew Hodson et al. 
  • Microbial communities as sentinels of changes in the region of Arctic Svalbard (MicroSIOS) – Carmen Rizzo et al.
  • Geology of Svalbard: past and present influence on the environment and future perspectives (SVALGEO) – Kim Senger et al.
  • understanding and Analyzing recurrent WArm Events in Svalbard: a comprehensive Review (AWARE) – Andrea Spolaor et al.

Analysis of trends and processes

  • The Atlantification pRocess in Svalbard: a broad view from the SIOS Marine Infrastructure Network (ARiS) – Manuel Bensi et al.
  • Moving boundaries (PoleMotion) – Stein Haaland et al.


  • COAT-Science – Åshild Ønvik Pedersen et al.
    • Update of chapters in SESS reports 2019 and 2021

SIOS-KC led chapters

  • SIOS contribution to ICARP IV process (ICARP IV contribution) – Heikki Lihavainen et al.
  • SIOS-Infranor, enhancing the ESS knowledge in Svalbard (InfraNor) – Rudolf Denkmann et al.

Call text
Guidelines for applicants

Tentative timeline

  • 5 December 2023: Call open
  • 15 February 2024, 16:00 CET: Proposal submission deadline
  • Early March 2024: Decision by SIOS Board of Directors
  • April 2024: Workshop with authors
  • 15 September 2024: Manuscript submission deadline
  • October: Revision of manuscripts
  • November/December: Editing period
  • January 2025: Release of the report during Polar Night Week in Longyearbyen