SESS report 2022

The State of Environmental Science in Svalbard (SESS) report 2022 has been released during the SIOS Polar Night Week in Longyearbyen, 23 January 2023. It is the fifth issue of the annual report series published by SIOS.

The SESS report is published in two versions:

SESS report 2022 – Summary for Stakeholders

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Citation: please cite the full report

SESS report 2022 – Full report

ISSN 2535-809X (printed)
ISSN 2535-6321 (pdf)
ISBN 978-82-93871-07-1 (printed, stapled)
ISBN 978-82-93871-06-4 (pdf)

Citation of entire report: Gevers M, David DT, Thakur RC, Hübner C, Jania J (eds) 2023: SESS report 2022, Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System, Longyearbyen.

Citation of chapters in report: All authors (2023) Title of chapter. In: Gevers M et al (eds) SESS report 2022, Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System, Longyearbyen, pp xx-xx. DOI-link of chapter

Download scientific chapters separately:

Chapter 1: SATS
Haaland S, Radlwimmer A, van Schaik B, Schillings A, Bjoland L (2023) Seasonal asymmetries and long-term trends in atmospheric and ionospheric temperatures in polar regions and their dependence on solar activity.

Chapter 2: LOAD-RIS
Hansen G, Kouremeti N, Gilardoni S, Stebel K, Evangeliou N, Ritter C, Zielinski T, Herrero S, Kazadzis S, Mateos D, Mazzola M, Pakszys P, Eleftheriadis K (2023) Long-term observations of aerosol optical depth and their relation to in-situ aerosol properties in the Svalbard region.

Chapter 3: SVALDUST
Di Mauro B, Cappelletti D, Moroni B, Mazzola M, Gilardoni S, Luks B, Nawrot A, Lewandowski M, Dagsson Waldhauserova P, Meinander O, Wittmann M, Kaspari S, Khan A (2023) Dust in Svalbard: local sources versus long-range transported dust.

Chapter 4: HERMOSA
Koziol K, Kallenborn R, Xie Zhiyong, Larose C, Spolaor A, Barbaro E, Kępski D, Nikulina A, Zawierucha K, Pearce D, Cockerton L, Nawrot A, Pawlak F, Pakszys P, Cappelletti D (2023) Harmonising Environmental Research and Monitoring of Priority Pollutants and Impurities in the Svalbard Atmosphere.

Chapter 5: Snow_GPR
Ignatiuk D, Dunse T, Gallet J-C, Girod L, Grabiec M, Kępski D, Kohler J, Laska M, Luks B, van Pelt W, Pettersson R, Pohjola V, Schuler TV (2023) Ground penetrating radar measurement of snow in Svalbard - past, present, future.

Chapter 6: UAV Svalbard 3
Hann R, Betlem P, Deja K, Ewertowski M, Harm-Altstädter B, Jonassen M, Lampert A, Laska M, Sobota I, Storvold R, Tomczyk A, Zagórski, P (2023) Practical Guidelines for Scientific Application of Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles in Svalbard.