The Editorial Board for the SESS report 2021

For each issue of the SESS report an Editorial Board is established consisting of two senior researchers, one early career researcher (recruited in cooperation with APECS) and two representatives of the SIOS Knowledge Centre. It has regular meetings in the period between the submission of the contributions and the finalisation of the SESS report.

The tasks of the editorial board include reviewing of the received contributions, organisation of the scientific review process, the integration of chapters through the executive summary and other editorial tasks.

Members of the Editorial Board 2021

Agata Zaborska is an Associate Professor working in the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She is a marine geochemist and her main scientific interests are contamination of the Arctic environment and the use of radioactive tracers to study sedimentary processes. Her research focus on history of the Arctic environment contamination by heavy metals and anthropogenic radionuclides. After her PhD she spent two years working in Akvaplan-niva and Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Tromsø. She has several years experience as lecturer at University of Gdańsk, she is a member of the Science Optimisation Advisory Group (SOAG) at SIOS and has been member of the editorial board for the SESS report 2020.

Roland Neuber from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research has been scientific coordinator for the French-German AWIPEV base in Ny-Ålesund. He is an atmosphere physicist working in atmosphere remote sensing from ground based and aircraft platforms. His research contributed to the fields of stratospheric ozone and aerosols as well as tropospheric aerosols and their radiative impacts. He participated in many measurement campaigns including aircraft missions across the Arctic. He represented AWI in the Ny-Ålesund Science Managers Committee and contributed to several SIOS task forces and work groups, including SOAG and RICC.

Josefine Feldner is a master student in Sustainability Science at the University of Kiel, Germany and a research assistant at the Institute of Coastal Environmental Chemistry at Helmholtz Centre. Her research focuses on biosphere-atmosphere interactions and air quality modelling. For the SESS report 2021, she is supporting the Editorial Bord as a early career scientist.

Heikki Lihavainen (Director) and Christiane Hübner (Information Officer) represent the SIOS-KC in the editorial board.

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