Presentations during the first workshop of the Marine Infrastructure Network

Keynote talks:

Sundfjord, A & Nilsen, F: Physical oceanography

Gattuso, J-P: Ocean acidification and its consequences in Svalbard

Søreide, J: Marine Observatories in Svalbard: Important tools for studying life in the sea

Marine time series:

Sundfjord, A et al: Monitoring Arctic Ocean Inflow north of Svalbard 

Nilsen, F: Isfjorden Smart Buoy 

Moskalik, M: Long-term Oceanographic Monitoring in Hornsund Region   

Ryzhov, I et al: Mooring deployment in key places of Isfjorden  

Langone, L et al: Mooring Dirigibile Italia MDI in Kongsfjorden  

Cottier, F et al: Update on mooring time series from Kongsfjorden and Rijpfjorden  

David, DT: Indian mooring activities in Kongsfjorden 

van de Poll, W & Fischer, P: Drivers of phytoplankton productivity and composition   

Bensi, M et al: S1 and ID2: deep moorings South-West of Svalbard 

Walczowski, W et al: IOPAN activity in Svalbard area

ESS and ESM perspective:

Holmén, K: 

Duarte, P & Sundfjord, A: Kongsfjorden modeling (K160)