Research Infrastructure Coordination Committee (RICC)

Contact and secretary for RICC:

The RICC directive is to

  • Organise the operational relations between the SIOS activity programme and the partner facilities.

The RICC work programme for 2019

  • Review the pilot access programme
  • Develop a new call for access in 2020
  • Continue to develop logistical services and access to common infrastructure for SIOS members
  • Fill the newly developed SIOS Observation Facility Catalogue with content

Associated task forces

  • Access Call 2019 (in cooperation with SOAG): May - June 2019
  • Task force to develop the observation facility catalogue: April - November 2018

Key achievements in 2018

  • Pilot access programme completed
  • Observation facility catalogue developed
  • Procedures for access programme improved 
  • New logistical services offered
  • Improved KPIs for access and logistics service

News from RICC

At the RICC meeting held during Polar Night Week 2019, the first chair of RICC, HC Hansson, stepped down. He was replaced by Paul Zieger as the Swedish representative in RICC, and by Angelo Viola as the new chair. We thank HC for his wonderful contribution as chair of RICC, and wish him all the best! 

Photo: RICC meeting during Polar Night Week, 17th January 2019. Pictured (from top left): Cecilie Stenersen, Angelo Viola, Wlodzimierz Sielski, Piotr Glowacki, Fred Skancke Hansen, Ove Hermansen, HC Hansson, Christina Pedersen, Inger Jennings, Roland Neuber, Kai Sørensen, Paul Zieger, Svein Harald Sønderland and Wojciech Piotrowski. 



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