Airborne remote sensing campaign 2021

Tentatively selected projects for Dornier flights and drone missions in 2021

  1. Airborne Remote Sensing Monitoring in South Of Spitsbergen - 2021 (current evolution of polar environment) (AirborneSIOS-2021) PI: Malgorzata Blaszczyk
  2. De-icing of Arctic Coasts: Critical or new opportunities for marine biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (ACCESS) PI: Janne E. Søreide
  3. Kongsvegen & Holtedahlfonna DEM 2021 (KoHoDEM) PI: Jack Kohler
  4. Centre for Integrated Remote sensing and Forecasting for Arctic operations (CIRFA) PI: Thomas Kræmer
  5. Mapping surface properties on Lomonosovfonna (SurfPro) PI: Veijo Pohjola
  6. Automatic system for monitoring vegetation and environmental seasonal changes on Svalbard using hyperspectral data (ASMoVEn) PI: Lennart Nilsen
  7. The Vanishing White - Airborne Remote Sensing campaign Svalbard II 2021  (VANWHITE) PI: Hans Tømmervik
  8. Climate Change Drives Fluctuations of Glacier Lakes in Svalbard - Crammerbreane Study Case (Crammerbreane Glacier Lakes) (GLIS) PI: Iwo Wieczorek
  9. Spatial-temporal evolution of sorted periglacial circles (Cryo-Sort) PI: Livia Piermattei
  10. Past constraints on a warmer and wetter future Arctic climate (PASTFACT) PI: Benjamin Aubrey Robson
  11. How many reindeer? Animal detection with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the High Arctic PI: Åshild Ønvik Pedersen (Data available:

Map of the tentative plans for data acquisition in 2021

Contact: Ashley Morris, SIOS Remote Sensing Officer