Call for secondments to SIOS Knowledge Centre

Are you working at a SIOS member institution and have an idea on how to strengthen the collaboration between research infrastructures or how to improve the SIOS observing system? SIOS offers support for a stay at the SIOS Knowledge Centre in Longyearbyen to work on specific topics!

One of the main tasks for the SIOS consortium is to strengthen the collaboration between infrastructure owners and to increase the mutual and optimal use of the available infrastructure. To facilitate this work SIOS opens up for secondments from the Member institutions at the SIOS-KC office in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

Duration: between 1 - 6 months

Application can be send at any time until further notice.

The seconded personnel will work closely with the staff at the KC and SIOS working groups and task forces, as applicable. Applications for a secondment should be focused on addressing one or more of the highlighted topics in the call. More information about the terms and the eligibility criteria can be found in the call text.

Call text

Application form

Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions, secondments for 2020 are on hold, but we still accept applications for the entire period. SIOS-KC is following the situation closely.