Second SIOS secondment focusing on remote sensing

The last weeks, Frits Steenhuisen from Arctic Centre, University of Groningen, has been visiting SIOS Knowledge Centre (SIOS-KC). His main research topics are Polar environment/pollution with a focus on mercury. He also teaches GIS/Spatial analysis courses. He says about his stay:

"This SIOS secondment gave me the opportunity to work on fieldwork results from last summer ( with a good focus and little distraction. This project involved satellite imagery with different spatial resolution (30cm - 10m - 30m) in relation to changes in vegetation (1977 - current). Sentinel 2 imagery is available from 2015 while Landsat imagery goes back to the early 1980’s.

To work with this data, I needed remote sensing software (ENVI) and a high-end workstation, both of which were available at SIOS-KC. Maybe even more important was the inhouse knowledge at SIOS-KC on remote sensing which is essential in discussing the project and getting valuable input from different perspectives.

This was the second secondment of this year. If you would like to apply for a secondment at SIOS Knowledge Centre go HERE.


Difference between Sentinel 2 (left) and Landsat 9 (right) image classifications of Kapp Lee (Edgeøya, Svalbard). The images are from July 2022 with just 3 days in between. Maps: F. Steenhuisen, 2022; based on modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2022, processed by ESA) and modified Landsat 9 data (2022, processed by NASA/USGS).