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Event ID 473fe570-c27a-11e9-8f49-000c29fb4a96
Parent Event ID ef09b30e-b5ec-11e9-acd1-a0481c9e7d26
Cruise Number 2019706
Station Name P7
Event Time (UTC) 14:58:00
Event Date 2019-08-20
Decimal Latitude 81.9811
Decimal Longitude 29.7287
Sample Type Mesozooplankton taxonomy
Gear Type MIK-net 1500 um
Sample Depth (m)
Bottom Depth (m) 3290.87
Niskin Bottle Number
Sampling protocol Nansen Legacy Sampling protocols version 4 section 9.2.2
Sample Location NPI Tromsø
PI name Janne Søreide
PI e-mail janne.sø
PI insitution UNIS
Recorded By Anette Wold
Event Remarks
Other Information
Key Value
statID 103
fixative Formaldehyde 4%
storageTemp Room temp
maximumDepthInMeters 200
minimumDepthInMeters 50
Key Value
title Mesozooplankton taxonomy; Small mesozooplankton taxonomy
pi name Janne Søreide (Mesozooplankton) & Camilla Svensen (Small mesozooplankton)
abstract Provide information about mesozooplankton seasonal, annual and regional variations in abundance, biomass (dry weight) and species composition along a latitudinal environmental gradient in the Barents Sea from South to North. The samples were taken for 5 distinct depths using Multinet 180 um (mesozooplankton) & 64 um (small mesozooplankton.
pi email &
projectID RCN # 276730
pi address UNIS Forskningsparken, 8171 Longyearbyen & UiT 9037 Tromsø
recordedBy Anette Wold
pi institution UNIS & UiT
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Source file AeN_2019706_mesozooplankton_taxonomy_anette.xlsx