SIOS Polar Night Week 2021 - Registration open!

Registration for Polar Night Week 2021 is now open!

As the event is virtual this year we have made each day shorter than normal to suit the time zones of all SIOS members. Despite the lighter programme we can promise many interesting and productive sessions, including the release of the new SESS report, workshops on SIOS services, core data, and adapting to Covid-19 and the new normal, as well as a strategy session for the next phase of SIOS-KC funding (2022-2026). We hope that many more members of our community will join us from the comfort of their own homes or offices. 

In order to compensate (somewhat) for the lack of a conference dinner we plan to have a virtual lunch which will include a small gift box from SIOS-KC. Only the first 70 registered participants from SIOS member institutions will receive the gift, so we recommend you register fast before they are all gone!

Polar Night Week will be held online and is free to attend.

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Programme (subject to periodic update)