Multidisciplinary workshop on snow research in Svalbard

The long awaited multidisciplinary SIOS workshop on snow research in Svalbard was held online 1-3 & 5 February. More than 100 participants joined us for 4 exciting mornings with focus on snow observations and research, technology development and many other topics.

Snow covers all of Svalbard for up to nine months and affects all spheres of the Earth System. However, we still lack a holistic picture of snow processes and need to develop tools to monitor these processes, and assess risks associated with snow.

This workshop aimed to bring together people from different disciplines and backgrounds during 4 half-day sessions in order to develop specific targeted initiatives related to snow science in Svalbard. The focus was on activities that provide answers to snow related science questions, with focus on activities that

  • help integrate cross-disciplinary studies
  • help to develop technologies that can be used to address the above
  • develop data management and metadata creation processes that ensure proper archiving, dissemination, and communication

The workshop had two main sections, (1) drafting of a research agenda for snow research in Svalbard, and (2) discussions on technology development in the area of snow physics, and included panel discussions, selected short scientific talks, discussions in break-out groups, and writing sessions on the research agenda draft. Extra time was allocated for discussions on other relevant topics (community-based observations, data management solutions, etc.).

Where? Online (Zoom)

When? 1st – 3rd (9:00 – 13:00 CET) and 5th (9:00 – 11:30 CET) February 2021

Who was invited?

  • Scientists from all disciplines affected by snow and local stakeholders in Svalbard
  • Engineers and enterprises interested in the development of scientific sensors and technology suitable for measuring physical snow properties under Arctic conditions.