SIOS Chair Call 2024

 ---- Open call. Deadline for submission of letter of intent: 30 April 2024 ----

Purpose of the call

A SIOS chair is a temporary appointment for well-established scientists to specifically interact with SIOS and generate new preferably interdisciplinary research and/or educational activities focusing on increasing the use of SIOS. 

A SIOS chair will specifically develop a new scientific theme or further develop an existing one, analyse data and/or contribute to several SIOS projects or other activities.

The position will be based at the SIOS Knowledge Centre in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Being based in the Svalbard Science Centre, the SIOS Chair has the possibility to engage in interaction with students and staff at UNIS and other research institutions active in Longyearbyen.


Time frame

The appointment can last from minimum 6 month up to 2 years. 

What does SIOS expect?

The SIOS chair is expected to contribute between 20-100% of their working time to SIOS. During this time, the person is expected to be located in the SIOS Knowledge Centre in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The SIOS chair can also be a sabbatical from the home institution.

Who can apply?

Well-established scientists (professor level or equivalent) in the field of Earth System Science in Svalbard or the Arctic.

What does SIOS offer? 

  • The position can be fully or partly supported by SIOS (SIOS member institutions can provide the salary for the SIOS chair fully or partly as in-kind). The salary will depend on the applicants experience and the percentage of working time dedicated to SIOS. 
  • Funding for approved activities during the SIOS Chair period.
  • A multi-disciplinary, international, and fascinating professional environment in the beautiful archipelago of Svalbard.
  • Free arrival passage for you and your family, depends on the length of stay(s).
  • Subsidised housing with basic furniture, the type of housing depends on the length of stay(s).
How to apply
  1. Send a letter of intent to for approval by the Science Optimisation Advisory Group of SIOS (SOAG). 
  2. If selected for the second round, you will be invited to submit a full application, including
    • an outline of the SIOS activities that the Chair is aiming to develop or support
    • a detailed time plan and budget
    • a written approval from the home institutions leadership
  3. The application will be evaluated by SOAG. SOAG will make a recommendation for appointment to the SIOS Board of Directors, who will formally approve the SIOS Chair appointment.

Deadline for submission of the letter of intent: 30 April 2024