SIOS Data Managment System Working Group (SDMS WG)

Contact and secretary for SDMS WG:

The SDMS WG directive is to

  • Promote and enable
    • Ethically open access to data;
    • Norms of fair attribution and use of data;
    • Long term preservation of data;
  • Develop guidance material for the SDMS;
  • Facilitate the adoption and implementation of standards that will enable free, open and timely access to data;
  • Facilitate interoperability of data and systems as needed to support the needs of SIOS scientific community;
  • Establish expert groups to examine specific questions or coordinate the implementation of SIOS data management and sharing solutions;
  • Engage in relevant national, regional, global or discipline specific data management activities to ensure that SDMS activities are relevant, cost efficient and sustainable;
  • Coordinate the review of SIOS data management plans submitted by projects requesting access to the SIOS Infrastructure.

The SDMS WG work programme for 2018

  • Development of SDMS documents
    • Acronyms and Concepts Document
    • Interoperability Guidelines Document
    • Use Case Document
    • System Requirements Document
    • Architecture Design Document
    • Implementation Plan putting institutional and personal responsibility on tasks
    • Operations Manual
    • Test Plan
    • Key Performance Indicators Document
  • Integration of contributing data centres
  • Improving functionality of the SDMS user interfaces

Associated task forces

There are currently no task forces associated with SDMS WG.


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