SIOS Data Management System Working Group (SDMS WG)

Contact and secretary for SDMS WG:

The SDMS WG directive is to

  • Promote and enable
    • Ethically open access to data;
    • Norms of fair attribution and use of data;
    • Long term preservation of data;
  • Develop guidance material for the SDMS;
  • Facilitate the adoption and implementation of standards that will enable free, open and timely access to data;
  • Facilitate interoperability of data and systems as needed to support the needs of SIOS scientific community;
  • Establish expert groups to examine specific questions or coordinate the implementation of SIOS data management and sharing solutions;
  • Engage in relevant national, regional, global or discipline specific data management activities to ensure that SDMS activities are relevant, cost efficient and sustainable;
  • Coordinate the review of SIOS data management plans submitted by projects requesting access to the SIOS Infrastructure.

The SDMS WG work programme for 2020

  1. SDMS WG administrative tasks

    1. Bi monthly meetings

    2. Interaction with other working groups

    3. Development of work plan for 2021

  2. Development of SDMS documents and material

    1. Review and update the Interoperability Guidelines Document

    2. Review and update the Acronyms and Concepts Document

    3. Review and contribute to the SIOS Risk Management Plan

    4. Evaluation and development of training material for user workshops

    5. Review and contribute to the Key Performance Indicators Document

    6. Review and develop the Use Case Document

  3. Integration of contributing data centres

    1. Routine metadata harvesting from partners.

    2. Partners with relevant SIOS core datasets to identify core datasets and identify these in the discovery metadata.

    3. Partners to establish OPeNDAP support for selected datasets. Datasets must be documented following the NetCDF/CF timeseries profile.

    4. Partners with data centres but lacking machine interfaces must establish OAI-PMH or OGC CSW interfaces for discovery metadata. These interfaces should serve GCMD DIF or ISO19115 (WIS and INSPIRE profiles) with controlled vocabularies for scientific variables (GCMD Science Keywords, CF standard names) and URL specifications (OSGEO).

    5. Definition and initial testing of quarterly KPI reports for data providers and contributing data centres.
    6. Partners to establish OGC WMS support for selected datasets This is only applicable for gridded datasets and partners serving these.

  4. Improving functionality of the SDMS user interfaces.

  5. Cooperation with the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) to provide merged observations.

Associated task forces

  • Training task force
  • Work Plan task force


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