SIOS Core Data curation call

SIOS supports the transformation of datasets identified during the core data mapping as SIOS Core Data (SCD) candidates to FAIR data that is freely available through the SIOS Data Access Portal.

  • The SCD Curation Call is currently not open. Details about the previous call that closed on the 29.4.2022 can be found below.

SIOS has defined the first set of core data that are needed to optimise the common resources for answering identified key research questions in Earth System Science. These SIOS core data are the foundation of the observational programme of SIOS, which provides the research community with systematic long-term observations, yet is flexible enough to integrate new methods and research questions. Sharing and updating of the core data is a continuous process in response to the needs of the society. In order to help make the data FAIR, we offer funds to SIOS members.

The previous call text and guidelines can be found below. For further information, contact the SIOS scientific integration and data officer.

Call text

Call guidelines