Announcement of ECR awards: SIOS Online Conference 2021

Five presentations held by Early Career Researchers (ECR) during the online conference on remote sensing in Svalbard 8-10 June 2021 have been selected for awards. here are the winners!

The review panel was consisting of seven judges and each presentation has been evaluated by at least two judges. Based on the final scores, the following five presentations have been selected for ECR awards;

  1. Kristoffer Aalstad, University of Oslo, Retrieving fractional snow-covered area from optical satellites using data assimilation

  2. Isabell Eischeid, UiT Arctic University of Norway/Norwegian Polar Institute/Aarhus University, Disturbance Detection and Classification with UAV Images as a Tool in Ecosystem Monitoring – A Case Study from High Arctic Tundra

  3. Line Rouyet, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, Integration of geomorphological mapping and InSAR kinematics for a comprehensive inventory of rock glaciers in Nordenskiöld Land

  4. Richard Hann, NTNU / UNIS, Scientific Applications of Unmanned Vehicles in Svalbard

  5. Jan Kavan, Masaryk University, 50 years of tidewater glaciers on the east coast of Svalbard: surface elevation and retreat dynamics.

All the five presenters will be invited to submit the full manuscript to SIOS’s special issue. As an ECR award, article processing charges (APC) will be covered by SIOS. Congratulations!

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