Coming soon: Call for contributions to the SESS report 2020


The call for contributions to the next SESS report will open 3 March 2020.

  • Proposal Deadline: 3 April 2020, 16:00 CET
  • Total funds available: at least 2.4 million NOK




Purpose of the call
SIOS is looking for contributions to chapters for the next SESS report*. Contributions can be in the form of

  • a review of existing knowledge in a specific field of Earth System Science in Svalbard or the connections between several fields,
  • a data summary (long-term data series or new data), or
  • a report card (update of data from earlier SESS chapters).

All contributions to the SESS report will be peer-reviewed before publication.

SIOS seeks proposals for chapters that highlight the state of environmental science in Svalbard and contribute to the development of the Earth Observing System in and around Svalbard. Proposals should describe important parts of and processes in the Svalbard Earth system. Prioritisation is given to proposals that:

  • integrate several spheres and/or elaborate a cross-cutting perspective on various disciplines;
  • describe feedback processes;
  • include modelling;
  • address long-term data (SIOS core data candidates );
  • bring together the majority of research groups within a specific subject in Svalbard;
  • develop data series derived from SIOS access projects into core data candidates;
  • put the Svalbard Earth System in a pan-Arctic perspective.

Applications on all topics within Earth System Science are welcome, and contributions within the following themes are especially encouraged in this years' call:

  • Meteorology for whole Svalbard, incl. hydrological aspects
  • Ecosystem response to environmental changes (e.g. carbon cycle, invasive species, food webs)
  • Glacier dynamics (changes in mass and volume; novel field techniques)
  • Historic and emerging pollutants, incl. microplastics
  • Coastal processes
  • Fjord systems and water around Svalbard, incl. fjord and sea ice, in a changing climate
  • Integration of ocean observatories in Svalbard waters

What can be funded?
Applicants may request funding for

  • salary for data analysis and writing, and making data used in the contribution FAIR
  • a workshop between authors
  • support for developing procedures, protocols and harmonisation

Accepted contributions are funded with up to 240 000 NOK (reviews and data summaries), or up to 50 000 NOK (report cards). Any exceeding amount spent on the contribution is counted as in-kind contribution to SIOS. The contribution can also be entirely provided by in-kind contribution.

Who can apply
Researchers from SIOS member or observer institutions with partners from at least three different nations and two SIOS member institutions.

Evaluation criteria
The evaluation criteria for proposals for contributions to the SESS report 2020 are scientific excellence, relevance to SIOS, and innovation.


* The details of the call are subject to acceptance of SIOS General Assembly on 27th February 2020.

Tentative timeline

3 March - Opening of call

3 April - Closing of call

Early May - Decision on funding by SIOS Board of Directors

Early June - Workshop with representatives of all contributions

15 September - Submission deadline for contributions

11 January 2021 - Release of SESS report during the Polar Night Week in Longyearbyen

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