Information Advisory Group (IAG)

The IAG directive is to

  • Develop a SIOS communication strategy that is approved by the General Assembly (GA) and implement its goals through an communication plan;
  • Implement and maintain information channels to be used to provide information about SIOS-KC activities, the Observing System developments and SIOS-related activities within the member institutions – following the SIOS information policy;
  • Contribute to the information flow through the above mentioned channels;
  • Monitor networking possibilities, contribute to advertise SIOS in existing networks and seek collaboration with other initiatives;
  • Develop and maintain an outreach programme on SIOS-related activities with focus on the development and improvement of the Observing System.

The IAG work programme for 2021

  • Develop and implement the communication plan for 2021-2022
  • Support the ongoing SIOS information activities
  • Update the SIOS web portal
  • Prepare an information package for member institutions
  • Support the preparation of the SIOS status report 2021
  • Write work programme for 2022

Associated task forces

  • Task force to update the SIOS web page


IAG members

  • Marta Chmielewska - University of Silesia, Poland
  • Mathew Kuttivadakkethil Avarachen - NTNU
  • Trude Borch - Akvaplan-NIVA
  • Agata Goździk - Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Christiane Hübner
  • Eva Therese Jenssen - The University Centre in Svalbard
  • K.P. Krishnan - National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research
  • Maja Lisowska - University of Silesia, Poland
  • Hilde Lynnebakken - University of Oslo
  • Stig Mathisen - Norwegian Polar Institute
  • Hiroshi Miyaoka - National Institute for Polar Research
  • Christine F. Solbakken - Norwegian Institute for Air Research
  • Vito Vitale - National Research Council of Italy