HarSval project: Harmonisation of the Svalbard cooperation

Harmonisation of the Svalbard cooperation (HarSval) is a year-long initiative starting on 1 March 2024 aimed at strengthening relations between 12 Polish and 13 Norwegian partner institutions engaged in research in and around Svalbard.

Building on the experiences of the successful CRIOS project, HarSval aims to strengthen existing collaborations and foster new partnerships in cryospheric, oceanographic, coastal change, geohazard, ecological, geological, geophysical, geomorphological, paleogeographical, and cultural heritage studies.

Joint fieldwork, lab work, FAIR data and open science activities, and a Polar Hydrology School in late 2024 will promote the transfer of knowledge, skills, technology, experience and best practice. The initiative will also support study visits by experienced researchers, and participation in internships, courses, research stays, and conferences by early career researchers.

For more information visit the official project page: https://harsval.eu/.

Funding is guaranteed by the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. https://eeagrants.org/