Data management course series

The SIOS Data Management System Working group (SDMS WG) has prepared a series of online training courses.

The first edition will take place in March and April 2021 and will be led by specialists from SIOS-KC, MET.NO, NERSC, NINA and the Nansen Legacy.
The training will consist of presentations (online or pre-recorded), exercises and discussions on specific problems with the tutor.

The offer of training topics will be extended in accordance with the participants' suggestions.

Below you will find the training schedule and detailed information about the training courses along with registration forms.

Available courses

SCHEDULE March/April 2021

Please note that the deadline for registration is always 5 days before the course date.

  25/3/2021 30/03/2021 6/4/021 8/4/2021 13/4/2021 15/4/2021 20/4/021 22/4/021
SIOS Data Management System – an overview/Data Management Plan

deadline 20 03 2021

How to encode data as NetCDF-CF using Python and R   registration
deadline 25 03 2021
How to work with Rosetta to convert tabular CSV files til netCDF-CF     registration
deadline 01 04 2021
How to create Darwin Core Archive for biological data       registration
deadline 03 04 2021
SIOS Data (core data, SESS report data, access call data)         registration
deadline 08 04 2021
How to publish scientific data           registration
deadline 10 04 2021
Nansen Legacy tools for data management             registration
deadline 15 04 2021
How to use and contribute to the Observation Facility Catalogue               

deadline 17 04 2021