The first SIOS working group up and running!

Many of the activities within the SIOS community will be organised through working groups. On November 15-16, the SIOS Data Management System (SDMS) Working Group was the first to meet at the SIOS Knowledge Centre in Longyearbyen (video streaming was arranged for those who could not be present). Eight partners that have committed resources to the development of SIOS data management attended the meeting and officially established the working group.

Many of the group members have been involved in SIOS already under the Preparatory Phase and the first part of the meeting was used to exchange updates on the status of relevant local systems and activities by the partners as well as on the current status of the SIOS Data Management System.

Draft documents describing the core functions and policies for the SIOS data management were discussed and further steps towards a SIOS data policy, guidelines on interoperability and an operation manual were outlined. This led to a session on how to actively cooperate in the future and an agreement on a selection of tools and procedures that will be further developed in the next weeks and months.

The experiences from this SDMS working group will be of great help for the coming SIOS working groups in terms of how to develop efficient ways of communication and cooperation.

Partners attending the meeting were:
- Finnish Meteorological Institute (FI)
- National Institute of Polar Research (JP)
- Alfred Wegener Institute (GE)
- Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IT)
- Institute of Marine Research (NO)
- Norwegian Polar Institute (NO)
- Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NO)
- Norwegian Meteorological Institute (NO)