Station Data REST API

A RESTful API with a collection of datasets providing information about the observation platform used to generate the dataset is available at

This service has been developed through the ENVRI-FAIR project in the framework of the FAIRness demonstrator (Task 8.5) within the atmospheric subdomain. 

The RESTful API gives access to a sub-collection of data that can be accessed also though the Data Access Point, but limiting the results to those datasets that provide information about the platform (according to the internal metadata schema) and that are not in the NBS (Nasjonalt BakkeSegment) collection.

Currently this information is provided only for the Norwegian Meteorological Institute stations, but the endpoint will be automatically populated with additional entries when the platform element is available.

How to use the endpoint:

Two exposed filters are currently available:

  1. platform_short_name, to search for a specific platform, e.g.
  2. fulltext, for free text search, e.g,"SYNOP"