Funded Optimisation Projects

SIOS Optimisation Call 2022: 4 projects will receive funding


There were 11 applications to Stage 1, of which 7 were selected to submit a proposal to Stage 2. From these, the following 4 projects will receive SIOS funding.


ExFOBB: Extending Fjord Observatories for Biogeochemistry and Biology (PI: Allison Bailey)

AutoSTAKE: Instrumentation for real-time monitoring glacier mass balance and ice flow speed (PI: Jack Kohler)

FROST: Fibre-optic sensing towards the improvement of environmental monitoring in Svalbard (PI: Wojciech Gajek)

SnowInOpt: SIOS Infrastructure Optimisation of the Cal/Val process for the snow research (PI: Eirik Malnes), read their 2024 update HERE.

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