Meet the SIOS members: NGI

The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) is the newest member of the SIOS community, which has sparked excitement and enthusiasm in the organization. NGI has been invested in Arctic research for decades, focusing on ground investigations, geophysics, and environmental studies on Svalbard. The decision to join SIOS is based on the value NGI sees in this arena for collaboration as well as NGI’s strategy towards a larger Arctic focus and presence.

Originally established 70 years ago with a focus on geotechnical engineering, NGI has since grown to cover a wide range of expertise within Geosciences, Natural Hazards, Environmental Sciences, and Instrumentation/data Sciences (illustrated in the infographics). This has resulted in a truly international presence with offices in the US and Australia and consulting and research projects around the world.

NGI’s core competence is particularly relevant to the Arctic and nicely complements existing expertise and interest within the SIOS network. NGI’s participation in the network can open exciting opportunities for new connections and collaborations. NGI has ongoing research and projects on Arctic conditions, particularly snow and avalanche sciences.  NGI has a full-scale avalanche research station in Stryn as well as research and avalanche forecasts around the country.

NGI has close ties to academia and several universities within Norway. NGI has Professor II positions at UiT and UNIS with research, teaching, and supervision of students within topics of permafrost and snow sciences.

NGI aims to be represented in several working groups and to be an active member of SIOS. NGI is driven by the motivation to pursue continued work within permafrost, coastal erosion, pollution, sea ice, marine ecology/toxicology, snow science, and avalanche research.

We hope all established members of SIOS get in touch with NGI to discuss ideas and help us get integrated into the network to help secure the maximum benefit of NGI’s contribution to SIOS.

Contact: Benjamin Allen Lange