Reuse of research infrastructure

Some of the Norwegian Polar Institute's long-term monitoring of walrus haul-out locations is coming to an end, and the masts that have been installed to support monitoring equipment are due to be decommissioned. Before decommissioning commences, the project managers and the operations and logistics team are offering SIOS members the opportunity to take over responsibility for the masts for their own projects. The locations are shown in the map below. The exact positions and condition of the mast in each location is available on request to

Those expressing interest in reusing these masts should send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name, affiliation and contact information
  • The project that you intend to use the mast(s) for (include RiS number if applicable)
  • Justification for why the project must be carried out in the chosen location and why the reuse of the current infrastructure is is beneficial to the project

Please note that approval to reuse the masts is conditional on submitting and receiving a permit to take over the installation from the Governor of Svalbard.