Webinar on the SIOS access programme

The 7th edition of the SIOS webinar series will present projects in the frame of the SIOS access programme and will be held Friday 12th February. 

Despite the significant challenges of 2020, three of the planned 14 projects in the access programme were completed on schedule. Hear from two of these projects and find out how they got on. 

We also present thee of the nine projects planning to carry out their work in 2021. Find out more about their projects and their plans to travek to Svalbard for fieldwork. 


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10:00 - 10:05 Shridhar Jawak (SIOS Remote Sensing Officer) - Welcome and updates from SIOS-KC

10:05 – 10:10 Inger Jennings (SIOS Access and Logistics officer) - Introduction to the webinar

10:10 - 11:25 Talks from participants in the access programme:

  • Katharina Jentzsch (Alfred Wegener Institute) - Near real-time observations of snow water equivalent for SIOS on Svalbard
  • Christoph Thomas (University of Bayreuth) - Investigating atmospheric transport at the Air-Snow Interface using Fiber-Optic Distributed Sensing – the NYTEFOX experiment: NY-alesund TurbulencE Fiber-Optic eXperiment
  • Andreas Alexander (University of Oslo) - Innovate GLOF: Interdisciplinary observations of the Setevatnet glacier lake outburst flood
  • Luke Cockerton (University of Northumbria) - ArcticBioAir: The role of microorganisms in Arctic cloud formation (through biogenic ice nucleation) and its influence on albedo and climate
  • Roseline C Thakur (Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research of the University of Helsinki) - New Particle formation in Arctic - The knowns and the unknowns

11:25 - 11:30 Final questions and closing remarks

For details of previous and future webinars, visit https://sios-svalbard.org/RSWebinarSeries.