The SIOS Knowledge Centre has a new offspring!

In cooperation with the University Centre in Svalbard, we are taking one of their biology students under our feathers. Lina will be supporting us as an intern for the upcoming six months. Here's what she has to say:

My name is Lina Lettau and I am happy to call myself a new member of SIOS-KC staff. I found out about SIOS through UNIS' internship programme. Climate change and data management are tasks that I am not unfamiliar with thanks to my studies, but still I haven't been actively working in that field yet. I am currently enrolled in my 3rd year of molecular biotechnology at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany and have otherwise volunteered for an environmental organization called GEPEC before. But they mostly deal with flora and fauna around the coasts of  muggy Catalonia, so for me the Arctic definitely brings in a fresh breeze of air.

I'm looking forward to peak into all the different aspects of SIOS from gathering and managing data to organizing events and establish a cooperative communication with all the fellow SIOS members, especially with my co-workers working at KC. With Christiane Hübner as my supervisor, we will be evaluating further potential work tasks and see how and where I can proof myself most useful.

If you would like to follow me along these 6 months, simply keep an open eye on here: