SESS report 2018 - lessons learned and future steps

Authors from the SESS report 2018 and representatives of SIOS Knowledge Centre and the task force for the next SESS report gathered to discuss the use of the SESS report towards multidisciplinary integration and a better observing system.

5-6 March 2019, SIOS held a workshop in Copenhagen in order to gather feedback on the process and outcome of the current SESS report and how to develop the next SESS reports. In addition, it was discussed how to transfer the proposed recommendations into actions, how to find and utilise synergies between the different chapters to increase interdisciplinarity, and how to feed the outcome of the SESS report into the SIOS Science wheel and the further development of the observing system.

The SESS report 2018 was a pilot, and throughout this workshop - with authors from 8 out of 9 chapters present -  SIOS received valuable input on how to continue the work for the next SESS report.