New Remote Sensing Officer!

We are happy to announce that Shridhar Jawak will join our team as new remote sensing officer. He obtained his PhD in Geoinformatics, focusing on applications of very high-resolution satellite remote sensing data in the cryosphere.

He is coming from a position at the Earth System Science Organisation (ESSO) - National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR). There he was involved in development and implementation of new methods for rapid geo-information extraction in polar regions such as cryospheric land cover features, glaciological products (e.g. digital elevation models and glacier velocity), lakes, supraglacial streams, glacier facies, blue ice regions, and polar vegetation using various types (optical, LiDAR, and SAR) of remotely sensed datasets.

He has participated in three field expeditions to Antarctica and one field campaign to the Arctic. Apart from his experience in operational remote sensing research, he is an International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Fellow-2017 for the Cryosphere Working Group (CWG).

He writes:

Greetings from Incredible India!

I look forward to joining the SIOS team. I have always loved different kinds of remote sensing applications and how they can be useful to understand our planet. After completing my PhD, I was looking for a position where my remote sensing expertise will be used in broad scale applications for resolving Earth system science questions in a holistic manner, which matches well with the vision of SIOS. I look forward to utilizing my existing knowledge and expertise to contribute to various components of SIOS.