Long time SIOS supporter joins the SIOS-KC

In beginning of August, Bo Andersen, former director of the Norwegian Space Centre, joined our team at the Knowledge Centre to share his extensive experience and knowledge about science in Svalbard, in particular in the area of remote sensing. He writes:

I have the conviction that a well functioning SIOS will be important for the development of science infrastructure in Svalbard and thereby the quality of the science that utilizes the infrastructure.

I am very happy I have been allowed to work for SIOS on a 50% basis for the next one to three years. I am employed by the Norwegian Space Centre (NSC) where I ended my term of twelve years as Director General in June 2018 and my other 50% worktime will support NSC. Being one of the four fathers of SIOS, I am very motivated to the development of SIOS.

My background includes a doctorate in solar physics. I have been Chairman of the European Space Agency (ESA) science committee, I have chaired both the national space science committee and the national polar research committee under the Norwegian Research Council. In the latter years I was Co-Chair of both the ESA Council and the working group under Arctic Council looking into telecommunication in Arctic.

I believe my background and experience will be useful for the development of SIOS. And, I really enjoy living in Svalbard.

Welcome to SIOS Knowledge Centre, Bo!