The Innovation Award 2023 has two winners!

Two projects proposed for the SIOS Innovation Award 2023 were of same excellent quality that both won the full award!

Develop an Automatic Climate Station prototype for remote sites observations in the Arctic

Massimo Sanatrelli (Politecnico di Torino), Marta Gandiglio (Politecnico di Torino), Paolo Marocco (Politecnico di Torino), Laura Gennaro (Politecnico di Torino), Federico Zardi (National Research Council of Italy), Alice Cavaliere (National Research Council of Italy), Vito Vitale (National Research Council of Italy)

The project aims to increase the observational capacity of standard automated weather stations used for monitoring atmospheric variables. It will develop  and test an integrated solution with a hydrogen-based energy storage system for storing available power from renewable sources (photovoltaics and wind energy). The solution wil demonstrate advantages of the hydrogen-based storage system as compared to traditional battery storage in terms of compactness, energy storage efficiency, environmental sustainability, and long-term storage under intermittent energy sources. 

Mobile Atmospheric Observations in Svalbard

Marius O. Jonassen (University Centre in Svalbard), Lukas Frank (University Centre in Svalbard), Sara M. Cohen (University Centre in Svalbard), Teresa Remes (Norwegian Meteorological Institute), Einar Jenssen (Telenor Svalbard AS), Eivind Trondsen (Where2O), Reidar Brenna (Where2O)

The projects aims to develop a prototype atmospheric boundary layer observing system to increase the coverage of in-situ observations in the Arctic. The idea is to mount meteorological sensors on snowmobiles and beltwagons that are regularly used during field operations. These mobile platforms represent a great untapped potential for filling data gaps in the operational network of weather stations.

SIOS director Heikki Lihavainen announced the winners of the Innovation Award 2023 during the Svalbard Science Conference 2023 in Oslo, Norway. From left: Marius O. Jonassen, Massimo Santarelli, Heikki Lihavainen.

The award winners were announced during the Svalbard Science Conference 2023 in Oslo and the teams will both receive 400 000 NOK to support their project.

The SIOS innovation award is a cooperation between SIOS and SSF to enhance the innovative aspect of science in Svalbard, and thus the entire Arctic. The aim is to spark the development of  innovative technologies or methods in order to improve observation capabilities and/or decrease environmental footprint of research and monitoring in the field of Earth System Science in Svalbard. 

More information about the SIOS Innovation Award HERE.