SIOS observation facility catalogue

This catalogue has been developed to provide an overview of the observation facilities which collect SIOS data. An observation facility can be one instrument or a collection of instruments, e.g. a weather station, and is a term used by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The annotation is standardised following the WMO standards as far as possible, in order to make entries unambiguous and interoperable internationally.

How to add observation facilities

To enter data in the Observation Facility Catalogue, you must be logged in and have assigned the role "RI responsible" by the administrator. Please contact the Access and Logistics Officer to have this role assigned to your account.

How to enter data into the Observation Facility Catalogue (pdf)


About OCF

The purpose of the catalogue is to make better use of the existing research infrastructure by facilitating the search for given parameters and their location. In this way, duplication can be avoided and new measurements can be co-located with existing ones. The catalogue may also be used to gain a simple overview of collected parameters and how to access the data. The search interface allows users to search for GCMD keywords or to filter by status, type or observatory. The map interface may be used to search in a particular area.

The catalogue was developed by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, with input from a task force consisting of representatives from the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Alfred Wegener Institute. NySMAC members and RICC gave valuable input on the test version.

Observation Facility Variables Contact Additional Information
1m bar with thermometers
Julia Boike, Niko Bornemann
Alfred Wegener Institute
Type: land platform (fixed)
Status: Closed
SIOS project: -
RIS ids: 2950
Site info: Bayelva